Society Structure

Headquarter Lebanon

Located in “Chalet Suisse street, Tawk Building, 1st floor, Jdeideh, Beirut, Lebanon”. The CCPB Middle East s.a.l, is the only company representing the activity of CCPB srl in Lebanon and the Middle East countries except for Egypt and Turkey.

Open from Monday to Friday, our office is ready to welcome you from 8.00 am till 3.00 pm with one goal: to satisfy the customers, and to ensure the competence and reliability necessary to answer the needs of local businesses and the Middle East through its specialized team of professionals trained with international skills.

Syria Office

  • Damascus, Syria, Mezah Mountain Area, Facing Tarboush Restaurant
  • (+963) 11 663 5149 –

Located in Damascus – Mezah mountain opposite to Tarboush Restaurant. Our Syrian office was officially registered with the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade under number 12 / L of 24/5/2018 by virtue of the resolution number 446 / of 14/5/2018.

Connected directly to the headquarter of CCPB srl in Lebanon, our highly skilled and professional team is ready to make organic process more efficient, competent and accessible to all those interested in plant and animal production, wild collection, processing, trading, import and export of organic products in accordance with national and international regulations.

  • Mahmoud Alkouri, CCPB Middle East representative
  • Sami Wahiba, CCPB Middle East Local Agent Inspector – Auditor,
  • Manar Hasan, Inspector – Auditor,

KSA Office

As a result of annual checks carried out by the Saudi authorities. Our registered office of CCPB srl in Lebanon obtains each year a new Licence from the Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture, to execute its work in Saudi Arabia according to the Saudi Organic agriculture law and its executive by law, along with international standards.

We note that for the moment, work is underway to install an official KSA office to carry out all required audit tasks. In the meantime, our headquarter office in Lebanon as well as its auditors are always ready to provide customers with quality services and ensure their satisfaction.

Jordan Office

With a dozens of active operators so far, we hope that our offices in Jordan will soon be ready to welcome all parties wishing to invest in the organic system. In the meantime, our headquarter office in Lebanon is ready to accept all requests from interested customers.

  • Mohammed Ibrahim Abdel Rahman Ayesh, CCPB Middle East representative,

Iran and Iraq Office

For the moment, all inspection and administration work are managed by the head office in Lebanon. However, for the next few years, we hope to have an operational office in Iran and Iraq. Meanwhile, for any further information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service in Lebanon.


Authorisations and Accreditations

This section shows all visible and downloadable Authorisations and Accreditations of CCPB srl.

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List of operators certified

List of operators certified in Egypt in equivalence to Reg. EC 834/2007 in third countries.

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