Zero Residue

Zero Residue

CCPB offers a certification service for all companies that aim to market vegetable products, in particular zero residue fruit and vegetables.

What does Zero Residue mean

In the field of integrated agriculture, with the possibility of using plant protection products also "non-natural", the zero residue can be reached using only molecules with a rather fast degradation on the product and in any case, respecting the "safety" times that allow a residue on the product  lower than 0.01 mg/kg.

How the certification works

The CCPB technical product document (DTP 10) sets up the rules and requirements in order to enhance, through the certification, the plant products with a 100% pesticide residues reduction. On an analytical level, we have defined the same limit established in our country for organic products (lower than 0.01 mg/kg), but the whole control and certification system is based on the guarantees deriving from:

  • Study phase of the degradation behavior of active ingredients;
  • Definition of an integrated production guideline document aiming to a 100% waste reduction;
  • Definition of a plan of analytical controls within the supply chain;
  • Traceability system during all the different phases;
  • Control and management of the supply chain by the certification applicant;
  • Periodic review of the production guideline and the management system.