VIVA Sustainable Wine

VIVA Sustainable Wine

CCPB Srl is accredited as a control body authorized by the Ministry of the Environment for VIVA Sustainable Wine. It is the Ministry of Environment’s project to measure and improve the sustainability performance of the vine and wine supply chain.

Operation of VIVA Sustainable Wine

The standard indicates the guidelines and requirements to be met: the companies, thanks to the identification of four main indicators (Air, Water, Territory and Vineyard), may carry out a self-assessment of the impact of their production in terms of environmental sustainability. These data and requirements are then verified and validated by the certification bodies such as CCPB. The validation activity involves a check on the congruence and compliance of the impact calculation with respect to the provisions of the specifications.

The advantages of VIVA

Thanks to the application of the VIVA protocols, Italian wineries can:

  • respect the indications of the EU regarding the sustainable productions
  • provide an easy-to-use IT tool that is able to assess the environmental performance of vineyard management, including social, economic and environmental indicators
  • provide the consumer with a tool to implement a conscious purchase decision towards those products made by companies attentive to their environmental performance

Evaluation of the Impact of Viticulture on the Environment

VIVA was developed by the Ministry of the Environment to protect a highly profitable sector for the national economy and that is strongly linked both to the culture of management and protection of the rural environment and the landscape, and to product safety and consumers’ health