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Vegan products

Vegan products

The certification for Vegan Products attests that a product or food has been obtained and processed without any animal origin substance in any step of the process.

What are Vegan products

Vegan products must be obtained without any animal origin raw material and/or substance and/or ingredient. or other products from livestock or from animals even not submitted to abuse and/or sacrifice. It's not possible to use food, ingredients, adjuvants and/or additives of animal origin obtained with the sacrifice or abuse of the animals. It is a voluntary certification, not based on a public law as it happens for Organic and other certifications with a regulation setting (PDO and PGI).

Which products can be certified as Vegan

Certification is applicable for any kind of product, any kind of sector, but mostly is addressed to agrifood and, cosmetics and cleansers, textile and apparel.

The certification value

The certification of vegan productions enriches the product with an added value, provided by the assurance of compliance with the consumer expectances. Often in fact even an accurate reading of the labels is not sufficient for the consumer to be reassured, because some products can have a non clear origin. The Vegan Product certification clarifies those uncertainities being way more accurate than the most common and current selfdeclarations produced by the companies with the most various labels.

How to get the certification

The first step to obtain certification is to send to CCPB the application for certification (and relative attachment to it) and prepare a Company Technical Standard where are listes which products and processes are object of certification. the company therefore needs to inform CCPB about:

  • Products
  • Recipe or Formula
  • Features of the finished product
  • Purpose of the product
  • Raw materials and semifinished product
  • Suppliers
  • Production process
  • Identification and traceability
  • Control plan
  • Non compliance management and complaints

Inspection assessment will be planned at the production plants, and eventually also at the suppliers of semifinished or finished products. CCPB, when applicable, carries on tests on the finished products or on the semifinished products in order to prove the absence of animal origin products. The relative tests are committed, to test laboratories accredited UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025, i present in Italy.

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