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Topical organic and natural products with cosmetic purposes for animals

Topical organic and natural products with cosmetic purposes for animals

The main principle of the standards for organic topical products for animals is the enhancement of the ingredients and the organic or natural raw materials or of natural origin. This is a fundamental principle at a time when the attention and the respect for our animal friends is great and expectations to get products in line with the ethological needs of the animals are very high. The standards identify the minimum process and product requirements so that these products may be certified as organic or natural.

Organic and conventional topical products

To be organic, a topical product for animals must contain a minimum of 95% of certified organic ingredients on the total certifiable ingredients and its production cannot use derivatives of petroleum origin, paraffins, formaldehyde, pigments and a list of substances prohibited by the standard. Ingredients replaced by natural substances of vegetable origin, safer for the health of our "friends" and in accordance with the environment and its resources. The standard requires the indication of the presence of allergens if it is > 0.001% of the total finished product. These products, just like the cosmetics for human use, may contain only fragrances really natural and not naturally identical, and cannot have been irradiated or contain GMOs or GMOs substances.

Topical, natural and conventional products

To be natural, a topical product for animals must contain a minimum of 95% of natural ingredients and/or of natural origin on the total ingredients. All the other characteristics are communal with the topical organic products.

Topical products and agriculture

It is useful to remind that topical organic products with cosmetic use for animals do not fall within the scope and application field of Regulation CE 834/2007, as well as the natural topical products  that are not yet specifically regulated at European and national level. This is a voluntary certification based on a standard that rests on a guideline developed by SISTE in cooperation with technicians and companies of the sector.
The target of both standards consists in recovering naturalness and linking the industry with the agricultural world by supporting the use of its vegetable raw materials.

How the certification works

The company applying for the certification of its topical products for cosmetic use for animals must comply with the requirements and fulfillments set out in the specific Production Standard and the Certification Regulation. The necessary documents are:

  • application for certification with its attachment and all referred documents including the Control Plan
  • acceptance of the economic offer and the certification agreement

Upon receipt of the documentation, CCPB will arrange:

  • document analysis
  • certification audit at production sites
  • decision for the certification and issue of the certificate
  • entry in the certified product register
  • monitoring activities that allows CCPB to assess the compliance with the Production Standard.