Quality Controlled - Emilia Romagna Region

Quality Controlled - Emilia Romagna Region

CCPB is authorised by the Italian Region of Emilia Romagna to perform inspection and control activities related to products with its own QC – (Qualità Controllata) brand, regulated by Regional Law 28/99, in order to demonstrate the application of the integrated pest management code by companies registered under this scheme.

Integrated Pest Management in Emilia Romagna

IPM is, together with the Organic Agriculture, one of the methods for sustainable production which Emilia-Romagna encourages from more than 30 years. IPM is a production system intended to reduce to the minimum the use of synthetic technical inputs (phytosanitary products and fertilizers), and saving water and energy consumption, not compromising the product quality respecting environment and human health.
The reference norm for QC – Controlled Quality is the one set by the Norm UNI 11233 on the Integrated Pest Management.

How QC – Controlled Quality works

Interested companies should require to CCPB the Control Plan for the products that they are intending to upgrade with the regional trademark, subscribing the economic offer that CCPB will prepare, subscribe and forward the certification contract, which implies the acceptance of the clauses of the Regulation of the QV Control Activity. Subsequently they need to send the application for a licence to use the “Qualità Controllata” brand to the Emilia Romagna regional authority and to CCPB, following the instructions set out in the Delibera della Giunta Regionale 640/2000, (Regional Government Decision), appending the Control Plan provided by CCPB.

CCPB will activate planned inspection and control procedures in compliance with the provisions of the applicable regional regulations.

More informations are available on the website of the Region Emilia Romagna.