QM – Guaranteed quality from Marche Region

QM – Guaranteed quality from Marche Region

CCPB is been recently authorized by Regione Marche for the activity of control and certification of products and services included in “QM – Qualità garantita dalle Marche (guaranteed quality from Marche region)” standard.

Integrated Pest Management in Marche Region

Integrated Pest Management is a production system intended to reduce to the minimum the use of synthetic technical inputs (phytosanitary products and fertilizers), and saving water and energy consumption, not compromising the product quality respecting environment and human health.
CCPB is authorised, in compliance with DDPF n° 195/CSI of 14/05/2013, for certifying all the vegetable supply chain (cereals, extra virgin olive oil and fruit and vegetables), for the livestock supply chain (eggs, dairy, honey, pork and sheep meat) and for horeca services. More informations available at www.qm.marche.it

How QM (guaranteed quality from Marche) works

The companies willing to add value to their products with the QM label, need to be compliant to the Production Standards and to what is included in the Technical Regulation for organic production, and they can ask to CCPB the certification service, sending the certification application.
After receiving the subscribed certification contract and economic offer, CCPB activates control and certification services as settled in the Certification Regulation and in the Technical Regulation.