Other product certifications

Always aware of operators’ needs in the agri-food field to enhance the agricultural and food products, CCPB  has been activating the product certification according to the Technical Documents proposed by the companies of the sector, for some years.

The advantages of the product certification

This certification offers the possibility to the agri-food operators to communicate the characteristics that distinguish their certified products from other ones of the same category to customers and consumers.

How does the certification work?

Companies wishing the product certification have to submit their application, the attachments and documents with the Technical Specifications, the main elements of which are listed in the Guideline, to sign the estimate that CCPB will arrange and the certification contract which implies the acceptance of the clauses of the Regulations of the certification systems of agri-food products and its annex.

CCPB provides for the evaluation of these documents, the certification inspection in the production sites, the decision for the certification and the issue of the certificate with relative registration in the certified products register. These actions are followed by the surveillance activity that allow CCPB to evaluate the maintenance of compliance as per the Technical Document.

  • DTP 02 Prevention from Mycotoxins in corn crops
  • DTP 07 Potatoes, carrots and onios enriched with Selenium