NATRUE cosmetics

NATRUE cosmetics

CCPB has been the first Italian Certification Body recognised by NATRUE (, main standard for natural and organic cosmetics certification.

NATRUE History

NATRUE is a non profit organisation formed by producers from all over Europe that, in absence of a public european regulation such as the one for agrifood products, has created a standard for Organic Cosmetics, known for being one of the most serious and strict.
NATRUE distinguishes 3 levels of certification:

  • Organic Cosmetics, with minimum 95% of Organic Ingredients
  • Natural Cosmetics with minimum 70% Organic ingredients
  • Natural Cosmetics

How certification works

Companies wishing to certify their products need to meet the requirements of this standard, and to do so they must:

  • submit the Application for Certification, accompanied by the appended Information Sheet about raw materials and finished product, and the documents required by the standard.

Applicants are also required to sign the financial agreement CCPB which includes the NATRUE fees, which CCPB will forward on your behalf, and to sign the Certification Contract , that implies acceptance of the clauses in the Certification Regulations. on receipt of the above documents, CCPB will assess them then, if they are in order, issue certification and add the company and its certified products to the appropriate list, following inspection of the production facilities and the products to be certified.

CCPB will follow up the surveillance programme in the event that licensees make any changes to their certified range, such as adding new products or removing existing ones.