Integrated Crop Management National Quality System SQNPI

Integrated Crop Management National Quality System SQNPI

SQNPI is a certification scheme which has as a target to add value to the vegetal agriculture productions obtained in compliance with the Regional Integrated Crop Management Guidelines, and it is recognized on a European level (Eu Reg. 1974/2006).

Integrated crop managment

The integrated crop or agriculture management is a voluntary production system which is realized when the technical norms foreseen for any kind of colture are observed for both the defense from all odds, and for all other agronomic practices such as fertilisation and irrigation. The joining procedures include the chance of application both from single agricultural firms, and from associated companies (Consortiums, Cooperatives, Organization of Producers, exc) and also from conditioning, processing, distribution companies.

Equivalence with regional guidelines

It is also interesting to use the equivalence regime foreseen by MD 8 May 2014, with the regional quality systems already active from several years in more than one Italian Region, (such as Qualità Controllata – QC of Emilia Romagna, Agriqualità of Tuscany Qualità Verificata in Veneto) and use in those finished products both the Regional Trademark and the SQNPI “Sustainable Quality ” trademark. Please find here the CCPB page for the Regional Guidelines

Public Subsidies

SQNPI has been conceived by MIPAAF in order to became a competitive tool, an aid for adding value to the products on the market, and in particular with reference to the requests of the big Italian and European retailers, and it permits to have access to the public subsides foreseen by the Regional PSRs (Measures 3.1 and 10). SQNPI – as a Quality system recognized in compliance by the EU regulation – permits to the agricultural firms to have access to the public subsides measures (ex. Meas. 10 or Meas. 3.1 of the PSR).


CCPB, as an authorized by Mipaaf CB for this scheme, carries out the control on 100% of the single operators, meanwhile for what is concerning the associated operators, the regulations of the system include the audits at minimum the square root of the number of companies.

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