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CCPB Social Alliance Standard

CCPB Social Alliance Standard

CCPB Social Alliance Standard certifies some criteria  about the social responsibility of agri-food companies and not only.

What does social responsibility mean?

Many reasons may push companies to invest in social responsibility. First of all, there is the consistency: the production methods must agree with the actions, the brand and the companies’ products. For the consumers and market, it is clear that ethics is one of the criteria determining the purchasing decisions and investment strategies. And thirdly, the compliance with social requirements goes together with the promotion and development of a sustainable economy. Finally, there are the present or possible relationships between the companies and the social system where they operate: the certification facilitates the development of social initiatives.

How the CCPB Social Alliance standard works

CCPB Social Alliance determines the social management system of an organization, that is a set of rules and behaviors that are freely chosen and adopted to ensure that products/services are in compliance with the ethical principles regarding different sectors: work, financial management and social environment.
At the core of the social management system there is the promotion of suitable working conditions through the implementation of basic criteria for good social practices and the respect for the rights of all workers in any activity. The standard sets the guidelines on various areas:

  • conditions of employment, work shifts, wage, health obligations, safety and basic rights of workers and partners

How the certification works

A specific audit process based on the collection of objective evidence controls the compliance with this standard.