Audit and Inspection Services

CCPB offers audit and inspection services carried out by skilled inspectors in compliance with UNI EN ISO 17020:2012 (for which CCPB is accredited ACCREDIA), based on mandatory contractual requirements (e.g. technical docs, specifications) and referring to Regulatory Documents or agreed with the customer.

Recipients of audit and inspection services

These services are open in particular to retail companies, collective catering, promotion consortia, food processing industries and importers who need to qualify and/or maintain a periodic check of their suppliers, their quality system, their supplies, the services, the company processes, the structures and the equipments.

These services include the definition of the audit and/or inspection programs, their execution and the drawing up of the final report. The preparation of specific control checklists, the execution of documentary assessments, product sampling, product and traceability tests and the analysis of the adequacy of any corrective actions can also be offered, upon request. 

Inspection schemes and levels

The inspection schemes of CCPB in the agri-food sector concern:

  • Evaluation of the company’s ability to supply products in compliance with the law and contractual specifications (e.g. technical product specifications)
  • Inspection of production sites to assess the conformity of the design and their management according to contractual specifications
  • Execution of product and quality controls
  • Evaluation of conformity of the product/process on the basis of sampling and product testing
  • Product traceability checks in the supply chain, including off-site audits

In this environment, CCPB offers multi-level inspection services, mainly directed at auditing and  sampling and analysis of the products, both in the food and non-food sectors (cosmetics and textiles). The service can adapt to the scheme set by the customer or designed according to specific customer’s needs.

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