Protected geographical indications for typical wine

Protected designation of origin (PDO), and Protected geographical indication(PGI), are protection and record systems for intellectual property in the agrifood branch. The following indications are for typical wine.

The operators that are willing to obtain the indication denominations for:

  • Botticino

  • Capriano del Colle

  • Cellatica

  • Garda

  • Garda Bresciano o Riviera del Garda Bresciano

  • San Martino della Battaglia

  • Valtènesi

and Geographical Indications for:

  • Benaco Bresciano

  • Ronchi di Brescia

  • Montenetto

  • Valcamonica

need to submit the control system included by the applicable legislation and for which CCPB received the assignment by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture for conducting the activities included in respective approved Control Plans (Price List is part of the Control Plans).

The operators that are willing to obtain the indication denominations by presenting the annual wine production statement are automatically listed in the control system as included in the applicable law, meanwhile the wine makers, the intermediates and the bottlers willing to use the CCPB certified denominations need to send first to CCPB office of Brescia the following documents:

The application of the access request and the submission of the contract are fundamental requirements in order to be included in the certification system, and thus using the Geographical Indications.