Control and Certification are the main services offered by CCPB. Pursuit of quality, accountability and innovation are values that have always inspired and supported CCPB. In this section it is possible to browse all types of services and have access to all data to start certification procedures.

Organic Agrifood

Organic production is growing all over the world. Biodiversity, environmental safeguard, healthy food and sustainability are more and more important and accountability of the inspection body is fundamental. CCPB certifies organic products for a lot of international markets.


Agrifood sector is an Italian excellence.Our mission is to guarantee, through certification, the quality sustainability and the tradition as values for national and international markets. Accreditions and acknowledgements received confirm the role and effort that CCPB shows in its daily activity.

Geographical indications and traditional specialities

banner prodotti vini tipici Protected designations of origin and protected geographical indication for typical wines and food are an opportunity for many typical quality productions of the entire mediterranean area to join an international record and protection system.


Certificazioni cosmesi Cosmetics are nourishment for our skin, and they need to be healthy and safe just like the food we eat. CCPB srl certifies organic and natural cosmetics, and medical products with organic agriculture ingredients. We have developed special standards for that. Consumer is more and more focusing on personal care safety with natural and organic ingredients.

Vegetarian and Vegan

prodotti vegetariani e vegani More and more companies are interested in certification for vegan and vegetarian products. The hype is growing because both consumers and the market have more attention for the products of the vegan and vegetarian diet, and because the certification offers  guarantiees and securities.


Certificazioni dell'ambiente Sustainability is more and more important in production process planning. CCPB srl offers specific evaluation systems based on LCA method, with important Scientific Partners. Ccpb srl evaluates environmental impacts certification for Agrifood and Agroenergetic supply chains.

Restaurants and turism

banner ristorazione turismo The offer of local quality products, food safety and certification are pillars of the future of food service. These elements can also be maketing and promotion boosters.


Certificazioni tessili The attention of the market and consumers to sustainability envolves also clothing and textile sector, in a view of health and enviornment safeguard. CCPB srl offers specific international services of control and certification, in compliance to GOTS and Textile Exchange Standards.

Regional Standards

The national agrifood sector is blessed by production excellences diversified along the different regions of our Country. CCPB srl provides Certification and Inspection services based on Standards prepared by Regions.

Other sectors

CCPB srl is always been careful to the evolution of all different productive sectors wich choose to qualify their products and services turning to inspection and certification. CCPB is also available for studying and creating specific certification schemes dedicated to new sectors.