Control and Certification are the main services offered by CCPB. Pursuit of quality, accountability and innovation are values that have always inspired and supported CCPB. In this section it is possible to browse all types of services and have access to all data to start certification procedures.

Quality Controlled – Emilia Romagna Region

CCPB is authorised by the Italian Region of Emilia Romagna to perform inspection and control activities related to products with its own QC – (Qualità Controllata) brand, regulated by Regional Law 28/99, in order to demonstrate the application of the integrated pest management code by companies registered under this scheme.
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Agriqualità – Tuscany Region

Agriqualità is the trademark registered by Tuscany to identify and promote agrifood products obtained with IPM techniques.
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CCPB is authorized by the Veneto Region to inspect its “QV – Qualità Verificata” branded products, regulated by Regional Law no. 12 of May 31, 2001
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Patata Felix – Campania Region

CCPB is authorized by Regione Campania for controlling operators of the integrated protection management supply chain for potatoes. This let operators use the collective trademark “Patata Felix”. read more

Integrated Agricolture – Basilicata Region

CCPB is authorized by Regione Basilicata for the foreseen control activity.
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QM – Qualità garantita dalle Marche

CCPB is been recently authorized by Regione Marche for the activity of control and certification of products and services included in “QM – Qualità garantita dalle Marche (guaranteed quality from Marche region)” standard.
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Puglia Quality Products

Prodotti di Qualità Puglia (Puglia quality products) is a collective trademark with indication of geographical origin wich guarantees the quality and the regional origin of agricultural productions.

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