Control and Certification are the main services offered by CCPB. Pursuit of quality, accountability and innovation are values that have always inspired and supported CCPB. In this section it is possible to browse all types of services and have access to all data to start certification procedures.

EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a voluntary product certification scheme focusing on the environmental performances for a product, a process or a service, in order to improve their sustainability.
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Environmental Impact Assessed

Assessed Environmental Impact is a certification scheme that assesses the environmental performances of the production processes in agrifood and agroenergy sector.
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Biodiversity Alliance

CCPB offers to the single companies or companies head of the supply chain of the primary vegetable production (cooperatives, associations, packaging plants, exc.)  Biodiversity Alliance, a service of certification that aims to reinforce biodiversity in an agro-ecosystem.

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Carbon and Water footprint

With the terms Carbon footprint and Water footprint we define the potential impact of a product, assessed during the entire life-cycle, in terms of greenhouse gasses emissions and of water resources consumption and degradation .

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Carbon offset

CCPB in collaboration with Soil&More International provides “CO2 Neutral”, a new certification for CO2 offsetting. “CO2 Neutral” minimizes the environmental impact through carbon credits, after having assessed the carbon footprint of a product, process or service. In this way, a company improves its environmental performance and may propose communication strategies.
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