Control and Certification are the main services offered by CCPB. Pursuit of quality, accountability and innovation are values that have always inspired and supported CCPB. In this section it is possible to browse all types of services and have access to all data to start certification procedures.

Bio habitat

Bio-Habitat is a standard that covers the application of the organic method to green areas not destined for agricultural use.
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Organic Agriculture Inputs Certification

CCPB, with experience in organic certification, has created a certification scheme for Organic Agriculture Inputs Certification.

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Traceability in no food sector

CCPB offers the product certification service also for organizations from no food sector, in particular from textile and cosmetics sector.
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Certification of web services and weather forecast services

CCPB offers to the managing organizations of web services and weather forecast services a service certification on the basis of two Technical Documents which establish the technical regulations and the management requirements of these services depending also from the goals and in compliance with the scopes of the service itself.

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