Control and Certification are the main services offered by CCPB. Pursuit of quality, accountability and innovation are values that have always inspired and supported CCPB. In this section it is possible to browse all types of services and have access to all data to start certification procedures.

Integrated Crop Management National Quality System SQNPI

SQNPI is a certification scheme which has as a target to add value to the vegetal agriculture productions obtained in compliance with the Regional Integrated Crop Management Guidelines, and it is recognized on a European level   (Eu Reg. 1974/2006).

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EurepGap it the result of an initiative by members of the group of European retailers EUREP (Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group), who then became GLOBALGAP (EurepGap) in 2007 at the time of its third review and also as a result of the growing global application of the standard.
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Integrated Crop Management

Integrated Crop Management is an eco-friendly cultivation method using techniques that guarantee lower environmental impact and a reduction of the release into the environment of chemical substances, integrating these with natural input.

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UNI EN ISO 22005 – Traceability System

The standard UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 has replaced the national standards for supply chain traceability (UNI 10939:2001) and for company traceability (UNI 11020:2002).

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Vegan products

The certification for Vegan Products attests that a product or food has been obtained and processed without any animal origin substance in any step of the process.  read more

Vegetarian Products

The Vegetarian Products certification attests that an Agrifood product has been obtained excluding the presence of meat obtained by any animal or excluding products of animal origin.

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GMO-free Products

CCPB is offering organisations, including those in the agriculture and food supply chain, certification for products as not containing GMOs and also production processes that do not use these, together with the relevant supply chain control system.

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Biodiversity Alliance

CCPB offers to the single companies or companies head of the supply chain of the primary vegetable production (cooperatives, associations, packaging plants, exc.)  Biodiversity Alliance, a service of certification that aims to reinforce biodiversity in an agro-ecosystem.

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Other Product Certifications

Ever attentive to the needs of operators in the food and agriculture sector to add value to their agricultural and food products, CCPB has, for some years, been providing product certification on the basis of the technical documents produced in-house by companies operating in this sector. read more

KOSHER Certification

We are delighted to be able to announce that CCPB srl has signed an agreement with the US organisation OU, the largest body worldwide for the certification of kosher food products. read more